The Swiss Society of Musculoskeletal Radiology (SSSR) was established in 2014 and has become the largest sub-society of the Swiss Society of Radiology (SGR-SSR). In order to encourage and enhance young radiologists in the field of musculoskeletal radiology, it is the intention of the SSSR to carry out a travelling fellowship. Offering the SSSR travelling fellowship will enhance clinical, research, technical and operational knowledge and aid in developing a career network at each site as well as in between the fellows. Talented young MSK radiologists may be identified and supported for future leading positions.

Three MSK-interested radiologists will be awarded the travelling fellowship every other year. Together, they will travel through Switzerland for one week and visit at least 3 sites in minimally two language regions.


PD Dr. Anna Hirschmann

On behalf of the SSSR Board

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